Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

What? When? Where?

Worship takes places every Sunday at 10.45 and is the main focal point of life in the Old Kirk.

So what’s it all about?

As with most Church of Scotland congregations, our Sunday service is based around a sermon with a selection of hymns, scripture readings and prayers. While this has a contemporary edge to it we also wish to maintain and interest in all that is good from past generations so you’ll find a selection of old and new hymns which is lead via our multimedia screens. We have a hymn of the month and our minister Amanda uses videos and images to convey the message in a modern and relevant way. Once finished, refreshments are served in the church and we encourage everyone to stay behind and enjoy fellowship with us (ie a cuppa and a blether).

But what about the wee ones?

For children, we offer kidZone which meets before the service starts for games. After a short chat  in the church with Amanda (including News Time) , the children leave for the hall where kidZone continues with music, games and videos plus time for some refreshments. A crèche is available for younger children (baby changing facilities are also available) while our Young Adults are serviced by teenZone which takes place in the relaxed surroundings of the vestry.

While Sunday worship can seem a bit stuffy or boring, our aim is to prove that this isn’t the case – in fact, if you’ve been to any our special family services then you’ll know this to be true! Our annual Holiday Club services usually throw up some surprises including puppets, flags and water pistols!

You’re welcome here!

Our congregation is a great mix of all ages and a commitment to Christ and fellowship is at the heart of everything we do. If you would like more information, or require transport via the church minibus, then please contact us.

Whether you’re a regular church goer or not, we promise a warm welcome and to help anyone who’s interested in learning more about Christian life.