Reflections: Amanda, 24 March

Reflections: Amanda, 24 March

It’s been a week, a week since we started social distancing, since we started panic buying, since life began to change beyond recognition…
And now we’re at the end of day 1 of lock down.

And so what’s different for you?
What are you noticing?

I don’t know about you, but today I noticed how quiet it was, I awoke this morning to a distinct lack of traffic noise, I’ve noticed the sound of the birds more, and I missed the sound of the children in the school playground at playtime and lunchtime. I’ve also noticed how much less stress there seems now that lockdown is actually here, but maybe that’s just me?

For me it’s been a busy day, of doing things in new ways, connecting and having meetings by zoom, listening to and encouraging my children, and in the midst of it all a funeral, with the weight of a grieving family and none of the normal ways allowed to comfort or console, no hugs, no touch, not even the familiarity of a funeral the way we are used to.
But in it all I have sensed God, in the prayers of a friend, in the laughter of a colleague, in the hug of a child, in the time spent chatting to the operator of the checkout in Tesco. In the many, many moments of blessing, and connecting. 💟

And I have so much to be thankful for!

What about you?
As we reach this point at the end of our first day …
What are you grateful for?
Where have you seen God?
Have you looked for Him?

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