Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 11 April

I’m writing this on the morning of Good Friday and I realise how much life has changed for us all since the start of Lent.  Back then we were on holiday at Loch Fyne for a few days, relaxing in a lovely hotel, surrounded by beautiful scenery, enjoying lovely meals and th

Our History: Ascension Window

Ken Rae, our Church Historian, has been working over the last few years to document more about the Old Kirk and it's history. I wonder if like me you have been somewhat dazzled by the sunlight streaming through the Ascension Window?  The myriad of colours appearing

Amanda’s Reflections On The Week

Well, Here we are friends, already into our third week and almost at our 3rd Sunday without church within the walls of our building. What are you missing? What are you looking forward to resuming after this time of lockdown is over? This week I came across a rea

Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 4 April

How’s your week been?  Are you settling into a new routine? Finding new things to do?    Whether you’re a key worker providing vital services, working from home (often at the same time as home schooling children) or you are at home all day, I hope yo

Reflections: Amanda 2 April

A New Normal!That's what this is as we settle into lockdown, how are you coping?Are you desperate to return to the way things once were?Or are you discovering new ways of being?It's amazing how our perspectives and priorities change, isn't it?For me, today has been about f

Reflections: Amanda 1 April

There's an urban myth that suggests that on average children laugh 400 times a day while adults only 15 -20!Whether or not you believe these figures the point is children laugh so much more freely and much more often than adults!How did we get to be so serious?Laughter tho

Reflections: Amanda 31 March

We joke about not knowing what day it is and we ask one another what our plans are for tomorrow... but they're probably not much different from what they were today.The tempo of life has changed. For most of us our usual allegro has become an adagio...And we're beginning t

Reflections: 30 March

The end of another day,What's been the high point of your day?What are you grateful for tonight at day's end?Why not pause for a moment and say thank you to God for just one thing from your day?

Amanda: Reflections for the Week

It’s Saturday, there is blue sky and the sun is shining... And we’re in lockdown. How have you found this week? Are you finding lots of things to fill your time? Or have you found the days long and wearisome? Our normal family routine has well and truly gone o

Dianes Thoughts: Saturday 28 March

I imagine many of you will be like me and feel that your whole world as we know it has been turned upside down this week.  I realised that life would change for a while, but I wasn’t really expecting to feel like this.    Last week at this time the schoo

A Church With History

As part of our weekly newsletter, Ken Rae (our Church Historian) has been working over the last few years to document more about the history of the Old Kirk.To start things off, heres a look at our origins and current building. How often have you sat in the sanctuary of

Reflections: Amanda 26 March

Almost time for bed at the end of day 3.How are you coping?Please know it is completely normal to be all at sea during this time as we adjust to this new way of life in lockdown. What we are experiencing is grief. We have lost something.Many of us are grieving our old way

Reflections: Amanda, 25 March

Day 2 of Lockdown, what's kept you going today?I took myself off for a walk with the manse dogs earlier, I was in need of cheering up and getting out in the fresh air did me the world of good, not least because of these ...Buds!It cheered me to see them and filled me with

Reflections: Amanda, 24 March

It's been a week, a week since we started social distancing, since we started panic buying, since life began to change beyond recognition...And now we're at the end of day 1 of lock down. And so what's different for you?What are you noticing? I don't know about you, b

Reflections, 23 March

Our Session Clerk, Diane has written our reflection for today... Waking early this morning, looking from my window to a garden bursting with new life in spring, across a very still river to the hills and way up to the Trossachs, everything looks well. But it’s not. Lif