Musings From The Manse

Musings From The Manse

A reflection for these days of a church in Lockdown

This week we passed the 100 days stage in Lockdown! Over 100 days, can you believe it? That’s almost a third of a year!!

A third of a year where the days seem to blur and merge into one another with very little to mark them out as special…

And yet…

Perhaps when we think of it like that we miss something… I wonder if in fact they are special, and unique precisely because they are so unlike anything we have ever experienced before?

What if these days which we dismiss as boring and infinite are much more special than we realise? They are after all days of which we have never seen the like of before, And they are days which it is likely many if not most of us will probably never see the like of again in our lifetime…

Perhaps we might think of these odd days as a sabbath… a time of rest – well for those of you who aren’t working through them anyway…

But what if we can think of them as Sabbath… a time of rest,

Away from the usual busyness and bustle off everyday life?

A gift. Not just for us, but for creation. As traffic has decreased on our roads and in our seas and skies so too has the pollution associated with it, and our world has been recovering. And during these days when we’ve had less to busy us we’ve relished in the sounds of the birds, we’ve noticed the changing seasons and even although I’ve still been as busy, if not busier I’ve taken a real interest in the back garden, grown things from seed and I’m loving literally watching the flowers grow.

Simple things.

In Scripture Sabbath is a period of time, 24 hours instituted by God as a blessing. It finds its beginnings in the creation narrative at the beginning of Genesis, and then it is one of the things that God asks of Israel in the 10 Commandments- to keep Sabbath. To set aside that time – 24 hours for rest and renewal, and to worship the God who gives us all that we need to sustain that time.

As Lockdown begins to ease, are you desperate to return to the busyness and bustle, to have your days marked out by different activities and social engagements? Are you desperate to be able to return to normal and restart your normal activities?

Or will you be seeking to hold on to something of the rhythm of these days? Perhaps over the coming days and weeks as Lockdown eases we may want to spend some reflecting on what these last few months have taught us,

About ourselves, about God and about life?

What do we want to hold on to from them?

What are we desperate to let go of from them?

Can we find balance as we go forward?

Lots to contemplate and lots to reflect on … just as well we’ve got a few more weeks in which to do it…

God bless…


Father God,

Many of us moan and complain about these Lockdown days,

We miss so much about the life that we once had…

But Lord nothing is ever wasted with you,

No experience is ever meaningless…

What do you long for us to learn from these days?

What are the changes that you long for us to make?

Encourage us to see these days as you see them, And to wonder at the opportunities within them.

To see them with fresh eyes,

And to find your grace within them,

In Jesus name,


Old Kirk