Musings From The Manse

Musings From The Manse

A reflection for these days of a church in Lockdown.

This week seems to have brought home to us in many ways just what it means to be unable to meet and come together.

As worship closed last week my phone was ringing with the news that one of the Elders of our congregation, Scott Nicoll had died quite suddenly at home that morning. Scott was a kind man with a heart for others, an active Elder and a beloved member of our church family and our thoughts and all of our prayers are with Pam and their wider family at this time.

It seems though that Scott’s death in particular has made us all realise this week just how hard it is not to be able to gather and grieve communally in times like these.

Scott’s funeral this coming week is just one of many I’ve had during the weeks of lockdown, these are sad, somber occasions though beautiful in their simplicity and their intimacy, sometimes only with 2 or 3 able to gather at a graveside. But they are difficult days for the families and friends left behind, knowing that they cannot have the send off that they would have liked for their loved one, and in some cases, are even unable to be there themselves.

This past week also be brought the news that we’ve all been waiting to hear,

That the Lockdown restrictions will start to be eased this coming week. It was news we’ve been waiting for, and yet, it didn’t come with much celebration, as with the announcement came the dawning realisation of the news that we’ve been getting used to for a few weeks now, that although Lockdown was lifting there is no returning to normal.

Instead we heard that social distancing measures are here to stay, that our movements and gatherings will be restricted for many months to come, and that schools will return in August at the start of the new school year, but only part time to begin with.

And so our hopes of being able to gather together as a church family again in our building will be a while yet in coming to fruition.

I can’t help wonder what it will be like when we are finally able to meet again, there will, we know, be faces missing, but what other changes lie ahead of us in the months to come?

It might seem as though there is much uncertainty, much change, and so much unknown, but one thing though that we can be sure of is Jesus!

Thursday just past was Ascension Day, the day that Jesus returned to heaven to sit at the right hand of God. But before He left, he made sure to assure His disciples that although they wouldn’t see him, He would still be with them, leaving His spirit with them for all of eternity.

That promise, that assurance, given to the disciples then is the same assurance and promise that is now ours!

Whatever comes, whatever the future holds, one thing we can be sure is that God is with us, holding us and guiding us through.


Thank you that when it seems that all around us is shifting sand, that in your unchanging love, we can put our trust!

Thank you that when nothing else can be assured,

that we can be sure of your love for us,

That we can be sure that you are guiding us,

and that we can be sure that you are with us.

Thank you. ❤

In Jesus name,



Old Kirk