Musings From The Manse

Musings From The Manse

A reflection for these days of a church in Lockdown

Since Pentecost in our weekly Sunday Reflections we’ve been reflecting on the theme of journeys. All of us are on a journey, not just the physical journey of our days but also a journey with God and on Sundays we’ve been thinking about the sense that our journeys with God begins with a call, and God equips us for the journey on which God calls us. Even with God beside us, behind us and before us our journeys aren’t always easy, many of us know that being a Christian doesn’t prevent us from experiencing the difficulties of life, but it does mean that we can rest assured that God is with us, loving us and weeping with us and for us and giving us just what we need in each moment.

This week the Scottish government announced that we were entering phase 2 of our journey out of Lockdown. As part of that was the announcement that churches may if they wished and if they had all of the safety measures in place open for private prayer, we’re not sat the point of reopening our building, but if any of you have journeyed past the Old Kirk this week may have noticed that we’ve been a bit busy creating an outdoor space for reflection and prayer – a labyrinth – where you can take a journey of your own.

A labyrinth is a pattern laid out on the ground and is meant to re-create the journey of a pilgrim to the Holy Land, and the city of Jerusalem in particular. In walking a labyrinth, the pilgrim follows the sense of preparing yourself for the journey, of different stages along the journey, and of reaching the centre, the destination of the journey in itself. It is of course a spiritual journey, one which you take with God. We hope that you will find this space helpful in your own journeys with a God as you reflect perhaps a bit more on our themes from Sunday’s or just take some time alone with your thoughts.

There are some resources available on our website which might be helpful for you in your journeys in the labyrinth. You can find them here…


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