Financial Update: June 2020

Financial Update: June 2020

A message from Eric, our Treasurer

In my writings in the weekly newsletter and in my video two weeks ago I have been encouraging you as members and Elders to change your way of giving from Free Will Offering envelopes to monthly Standing Order or to find ways of getting your offerings to me. I’m delighted to report that Standing Orders have increased from £860 before lock down to £1662.50 which covers most of our monthly outgoings. From 7th May until earlier this week I have banked offerings and donations amounting to £2654 so a big thank you to you all. This has enabled me to pay outstanding invoices and to make a payment to Ministry and Mission which contributes to our Minister’s salary.

Although Standing Orders have increased, they still fall short of out total monthly outgoings by £1634. It’s therefore important that we continue to make our offerings on a regular basis to keep an increased and healthy bank balance and to find out how to do this listen again to the video or give me a call on 01506 510511.

There’s also a Church of Scotland donation button on facebook which enables you to make donations to the Old Kirk using either pay pal or credit/debit cards.

Thanks again for your support. It’s much appreciated.


Old Kirk