Financial Update

Financial Update

A message from Eric, our Treasurer

During these uncertain and unusual times, we are having to do things differently.

We can no longer meet each other face to face, but have to connect with each other using all kinds of technology. Some of us are not too sure of how it all works and some shy away from it. But at this difficult time where would we be without it. It enables us to share worship online in a different way. We can do video calls on the mobile, which allows us to not only speak to but to see my family and friends. And, the newest addition to technology is zoom. That used to be a type of camera lens but again, it’s a new way of communication and conducting meetings. I didn’t know how it worked but this last week it was something I needed to know more about and how to use it. Sometime we are anxious, unnecessarily, about new ways, only to find that they weren’t as difficult as expected..

As a result of those who have already transferred from giving by Free Will Offering envelopes to standing order, as from this month, we are able to pay the essential monthly bills, with the exception, at the moment, of our monthly contribution to Ministries and Mission and to the Vine Trust. By not contributing to M & M means that we are not contributing towards our Ministers salary and we have to put this right as soon as possible. It’s for this reason, and so that we can pay other bills that come in at other times, (I’ve just received a gas bill for £608 and one for an underpayment last year of £415), that I encourage you to make your contribution to church in a different way too.

We ‘re anxious to do everything we can to keep our finances in good order so that we can continue our ministry and be ready to open again whenever it is safe to do so, and I’m sure that you’re putting your weekly offering in your envelope, so that you can put these in the plate when we do eventually get back to church. However, this doesn’t help in the short term, when there are bills still to pay, so once again, I would encourage you to seriously consider, if you can, to also transfer from FWO envelopes to setting up a monthly Standing Order.

Just think, if you did so, you would never again, need to think about having the correct money each week, for the bank takes care of it for you. And you can set this up for any time in the month which suits you. You don’t need to be anxious about setting it up because It’s very simple to do, and, although it makes it slightly easier, you don’t need to do online or telephone banking. Can I also reassure you that no one in church knows your bank details.

So why not give me a phone on 01506 510511 or email me at for more information. It’s also possible to make a one off donation by bank transfer.

Take care and keep safe.


Old Kirk