Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 4 April

Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 4 April

How’s your week been?  Are you settling into a new routine? Finding new things to do?    Whether you’re a key worker providing vital services, working from home (often at the same time as home schooling children) or you are at home all day, I hope you’re settling into a “new normal” and not feeling too isolated.

Some days I’ve been going on an early morning walk and I’ve been struck by the changes all around me as I pass a few people walking on their own or with a dog and there’s hardly any traffic.  The petrol station is usually bustling early morning but it’s often been deserted.  I hear the birds and already the air seems clearer with less pollution.  I also hear the sound of the refineries away in the distance, not a sound I would normally want to hear but it’s strangely comforting to know that the energy industry is still at work and I’ve passed delivery lorries bringing food supplies to the shops.  Although I’m at home all day, I really appreciate the efforts of our key workers, many of whom are working in very difficult situations.

I’ve been very grateful for social media and enjoyed many new experiences and marvel at the way celebrities and others are making videos from home to keep us informed and entertained.  I have been following the daily reflections from the Moderator of the General Assembly, Rev Colin Sinclair and his wife Ruth as they speak to us from their own home bringing comfort and reassurance to many.  And I have enjoyed many fun things too with a particular favourite being the Crooner Sessions with Gary Barlow where he is joined by a different musician every day and I’m hoping to catch the Runrig Concert on Saturday night – all from the comfort of my own home. 

 I laughed too with Elaine C Smith as she did a reading of “The Glasgow Gruffalo” – normally used to recording studios and theatres with camera crews, special lighting and make up artists, Elaine recorded from her own house with her husband as the cameraman.  I was relieved to hear that even the professionals aren’t finding this new way of broadcasting easy.  I had my first attempt at recording last week when I did Messy Church @ Home.  The technical team was my husband, Jim, with an ipad propped up on a table by tins of tomatoes!  There were a lot of laughs and when my ideas became a bit too fanciful, I had to be reminded that Jim is not Steven Spielberg and we have no specialist camera equipment!  But somehow we managed. 

Messy Church @ Home will be back on Sunday at 3pm for a Palm Sunday Special and again on Easter Day.  Please join us, make some crafts, post some pictures and let us know you are watching by saying Hello in the comments box. 

As a church, we are trying everything we can think of to keep in contact with people but I am conscious that many people don’t use the internet and social media so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.  Please keep phoning people, send texts and messages, let them know you are thinking of them.

I hope you find new things to do in the week ahead, from the comfort of your home.  Please Stay at Home, Keep Safe, Keep in Touch and Keep Washing Your Hands.


Old Kirk