Dianes Thoughts: Saturday 28 March

Dianes Thoughts: Saturday 28 March

I imagine many of you will be like me and feel that your whole world as we know it has been turned upside down this week.  I realised that life would change for a while, but I wasn’t really expecting to feel like this.   

Last week at this time the schools were closing and I was expecting to be looking after my grandson so his Mum and Dad could work at home.   I wondered how I would keep a lively 5 year old boy entertained and help him keep up with his education – we would do the Body Coach live PE sessions every morning on youtube, maybe check out the live science stream from the Science Centre, craft materials were ordered and I looked forward to helping him with work sent home from school.   We would have fun together – lots of laughs, lots of cuddles.

Just as these plans were made, reality set in!  The Government pleaded with us all to stay within our own households, even family members shouldn’t go into each other’s homes.   So instead of Andrew being here with us most of the week, visits are now to our garden while they are out on their daily walk and we talk to each other from the distance – and definitely no cuddles for Grandma!  The craft materials have arrived but there’s no wee boy here.  But there’s been lots of phone calls and videos and I am so grateful for technology to help keep us in touch.  I’m lucky too that my family live locally.

Now, I’m not usually very good at “technology” things but I’m learning fast and marvel at the ways we can all still keep in contact with each other.   I’ve had phone calls and messages from neighbours I’ve never spoken to before and friends I haven’t spoken to for a long time, meetings through Zoom and I enjoyed our Virtual Coffee Shop on Thursday.   Friends who have resisted Facebook before have now connected to keep in touch.  I hadn’t a clue what Zoom was until the beginning of the week!  And I’m going to attempt doing Messy Church online on Sunday afternoon! 

Let’s all help each other by staying in touch.  Keep phoning and messaging your friends and neighbours – that way we’re sharing God’s love around by showing we care.

Keep safe, stay at home and take care.

Old Kirk