Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 11 July

Diane’s Thoughts: Saturday 11 July

Lockdown reflections from our Session Clerk

It’s been a long time since March when we were all in the Old Kirk building and while I have missed seeing everyone it has been good to keep in touch through these newsletters.  As I reflect back on this period, I realise how much has changed, for us as a church and for me personally.

This is normally the time when I am very busy with preparations for our annual Holiday Club, when about 120 young people and a large group of volunteers meet for a fun filled week at the end of July.  I usually go in to a bit of a panic at this point(as my family will confirm!) as I think this will be the year everything will go wrong!  Over the years we have had a fantastic time at our Holiday Clubs with a great team of volunteers and it’s become a highlight of our church calendar.  Sadly, there is no Holiday Club this year and I will really miss being with all the children and leaders, however, we will have activities for children as soon as it is safe to do so.

Instead of preparing for Holiday Club, I have been busy with our emergency foodbank, the Food Pantry.  I now spend Monday mornings at the church car park with Allison and Kerry as we collect donations at our drop off point and, once a week, I am a shift leader at the Food Pantry, arranging deliveries to families.  It’s a big change for me and I feel humbled and privileged to be able to serve the Lord and our community in this way and I am thankful that as a church we were willing to overcome challenges to make this happen and we didn’t leave it to others.

Many people in our town are struggling and are very appreciative of the help we can give them.  Jesus calls us all to help the needy and feed the hungry and it is so encouraging that we are able to provide help.  We are very grateful for all your donations and for all the volunteers.  The need has not got away, so please help with donations if you can.  Our drop off point is open every Monday from 11am to 1pm at the church car park and each week we post a list of the items we are short off on our facebook page as well as in this newsletter.  We will have to move out of the Town Hall soon and are already planning a move in the church hall on a temporary basis.

I normally go away for a short holiday after Holiday Club (to recover from the mayhem) but my holiday plans have all been cancelled.  Instead I am looking forward to being able to spend some more time with my grandson as he is now allowed in our house and I can finally return to helping with childcare.

We are having a short break from the newsletters and I wish to thank everyone who has helped and particularly, Barrie, who puts everything together as well as the videos for our Sunday Reflections and facebook. 


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