Coronavirus – Community Action

Coronavirus – Community Action

We might be unable to meet together but Church is more than just a building…

We’re continuing to figure out our next steps, particularly around supporting those in our Church Family and community who are at greater risk. We’ll update in more details as soon as we can but a new community support group is starting up here

One quick way we can help is by staying in touch with you all as isolation and distanting is going to have a big impact over the coming months particularly in regards to mental health.

So if you haven’t already, please sign up for our mailing list here:

We’ll be using it to stay connected including reflections, craft ideas for kids, the latest news, NHS advice and anything else we can think of (suggestions welcome!). Think of it as a weekly magazine for Bo’ness to help the time go a little quicker.

We’re always here online (and like a chat!) so comment, tweet, message us even if its just to say hi. We’re all in this together

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