Amanda: Reflections for the Week

Amanda: Reflections for the Week

It’s Saturday, there is blue sky and the sun is shining…

And we’re in lockdown.

How have you found this week? Are you finding lots of things to fill your time? Or have you found the days long and wearisome?

Our normal family routine has well and truly gone out of the window as my work seems to have taken on a whole new weekly and daily rhythm and school and college are closed.

And if you are someone who like me finds it hard not to do, and just be,

Then enforced time indoors can lead to our days feeling purposeless or without meaning.

But this morning I decided to keep my usual Saturday morning practice of going for a run, and although I didn’t have any company it still made me feel better to get out and do something that I’m used to. I enjoyed the simple pleasure if feeling the wind in my face, and of saying good morning while keeping good social distance to the other path users, dog walkers, a young family and folk out for a walk early before everyone else.

When so much of life is completely out with our control as it is just now it can be helpful to take control of the small things we can; and so, is there something that you could do each day which would give some rhythm or meaning to your day?

Perhaps a walk, watching spring’s progression each day?

Or a time spent mindfully with God praying or dwelling in God’s word.

Could you phone a neighbour or a friend or a family member and let them know they matter to you? Could you volunteer to collect some shopping for an elderly family member or neighbour (but only if it is safe for you to do so)? Perhaps you could write a journal or a blog about your experience on lockdown, or help a grandchild over the phone or a videolink to do some of their school work. Or maybe read a book, take up a new hobby, or learn a new language…

The choice is infinite!

And so why not reflect for a while on what it is that gives your life meaning and purpose? Is it being busy? Is it relationships? Is it work?I was also reminded this week that God created human BEings and not human doings!

And that we are each made in the image of God…

Meaning then that God is reflected in each of us!

And does it that give our lives a whole new meaning?

This time of social distancing and lockdown gives us new opportunities, opportunities to discover who we are without the normal routine, opportunities to discover what really matters to us, and for some of us, opportunities to reset the balance on where our priorities lie…

I pray that you see, and seize the opportunity,

Blessings, Amanda.

Old Kirk