A message from Amanda: Wed 18 March

A message from Amanda: Wed 18 March

Is it still only Wednesday?

I’m not sure I like this new normal where we don’t even have time to get used to things before it all changes again.

Monday brought news that life will be very different for all of us for the foreseeable future, yesterday brought home to many of us exactly what reducing our social contact looks like as organisations, companies and businesses encouraged people to work from home and churches the length and breadth of the country announced that they were pausing public worship. Today that continues as we heard that libraries, museums, and sport centres would close their doors for the foreseeable future and tonight the news is that schools will close on Friday, unlikely that they will reopen before the summer holidays and with a question mark over SQA exams.

Many of us are worried, feeling overwhelmed by the constant deluge of news and information about a virus we hadn’t even heard of until a few weeks ago.

We’re worried for ourselves, for loved ones, and for businesses and livelihoods and that’s entirely normal in a totally unprecedented time like this.

Remember though, we may be learning what social distancing means, but it doesn’t need to be complete isolation.

Put the kettle on, and sit down and text or phone a friend or loved one. Be honest, share how you’re feeling as the chances are they’re feeling exactly the same as you, and remember in all of this we have a God who loves us deeply and tenderly, share how you’re feeling with Him, and know His peace. 💟

Old Kirk